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Become a LOOP franchise

We’re looking to expand our global reach by offering franchise opportunities for setting up and running local operations and investing in the development of the market supported by our technology, brand, and know-how. Are you interested?

Why LOOP Franchise?

The ride-hailing and micro-mobility industries are projected to experience double-digit growth over the coming decades.


One of the fastest-growing companies in Europe

Become a part of our global expansion!


Quick set-up and go-to-market launch

Receive support from leading experts, helping you swiftly launch operations


Ride-hailing, scooters, food delivery…

Our mission to improve urban transportation and logistics has only just begun!

What we’re looking for

There are several factors that we consider when assessing the eligibility of applicants for a franchisee, including:

Financial commitment of 10M+
Financial commitment of 10M+
A growth mindset
A growth mindset
 A vast network of local connections
A vast network of local connections
A solid personal and financial reputation
A solid personal and financial reputation
Commitment to the LOOP Brand
Commitment to the LOOP Brand

Available Countries


Get started

If you think you qualify as a potential LOOP  franchise owner, please fill in the application form.

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